The SKY is Falling . Really.

The SKY is Falling . Really.

photo by Gerardo Vitale

Most thought the noise and vibrations were hail.  But it was a curtain of bricks that rained down that morning on First Avenue, not far from me, at 64th Street. It was December 7th. Amazingly, no one was seriously hurt. I walked by later in the day not having heard the news, and the street was sectioned off.

A uniformed guard was there,  in front of the tape-off street , and would not let anyone pass. I am pretty sure most of us suspected another bomb scare. No information was given. Someone said something about cleaning. I had to reroute myself, and walked home and read this terrible news. Thank heavens it was a weekend, how many would have been injured and killed, had it been a weekday?

I love my neighborhood.  I am truly lucky to be here. Yet the pace and ubiquity of noisy, polluting construction is surging ahead at breakneck speed. Some photos I took this month near me, will tell the story better.

I did not include photos of what happened today.

This morning a massive crane fell

onto Worth Street in Tribeca. People fled and thought it was an explosion, when they heard the metallic crash. One man was killed,  two injured seriously, and one sustained minor injuries. If this had happened 15 minutes later the street would have been much busier with young ones heading to dance class and Gymboree. You should read about it.

I fear for this great city, with infrastructure that is crumbling. What else do you call it when bricks rain down, and huge cranes fall from the sky? I am sure this happens elsewhere, but Manhattan sure seems to be the epicenter for this "Race to the Top" sort of building.

Tall, needle thin buildings are going up, up, UP.  On my street. To the East and to the West.


When I took this photo I flinched. It was an instant visceral reaction. I am feeling vulnerable. All other days I accept the debris, jackhammers, and endless seams of scaffolding as just the normal clutter and sounds of the city.  I used to hear a symphony, but but lately I hear only isolated brassy bass tones. They vibrate much too loudly. 

I hear BOOM. I feel Chicken. Henny Penny,  I feel Little.

Do you hear it? Do you see it where you are?

XX, Elle                                  @theellediaariesnyc

Suit Up

Suit Up

Hello friends. I took advantage of last week's weather to take some photo's indoors. This look features a suit, in the strictest sense of the word: black trousers and a black jacket. But beyond that,  my look diverges from anything Brooks Brothers.

My sequinned blouse has puffed sleeves, and a bow made out of tulle.

Could you ask for a more feminine piece? No, that is why I added cognac hued brogues, with a heel of course. The pants are cropped, they would be 3/4 length on most , but on me,  they skim the top of my ankles. I got these around the corner at Urban Outfitters. They are now on sale!

I added color and a bit of an edge with my tweed and leather, fingerless gloves. I love these, they are comfortable and keep my fingers free to text, handle cash, get a Metrocard, and all of the little things that are a hassle when wearing regular gloves. They are by Carolina Amato, via Fox's UES location at 86th in Manhattan.

My tweed cap adds a tomboy vibe.

A snap of the blouse by Peter Som via Encore at Madison Avenue. This link is shoppable, btw! The bow is set in place by a vintage fur or shoe clip, from Ralph Lauren almost twenty years ago.

Checking my reflection before I leave the house. ( Do I have lipstick on my teeth?) Why does that so often happen? !

Okay, now I wondering. I can count three of you, off the top of my head,  who knows my coat is Dolce & Gabbana just by the snippet of lining seen in photo 2. Eagle eyes, hats off! But you also know I got it greatly reduced somewhere, right? 

Right! I just don't remember where it was... Which is why I checked my teeth, they did indeed have a bit of #7, Lingerie Pink., my favorite shade of YSL lipstick.  Now, for those curious...

I did a Polyvore post so you can shop my look.

The links are below, but they are clickable only on my Polyvore page.

After photos were taken I went out to get fresh flowers, and then visited my neighbos who had a small party for friends in the building.   When the weather is lousy,  is is great to wander down the hall and hang out.  It was so nice to meet my neighbors1! They served great food and wine. New Yorkers make great neighbors, by the way, and contrary to what you might think.

Now the weather is lovely. It was beautiful here in New York, and I know it has been mild many places. Today was a great day for a long city walk, and a bit of shopping. Valentine's day is just around the corner, right?

I hope you are enjoying your week, Friday is almost here!

Are you celebrating Valentine's Day? It is a Hallmark Holiday for sure, and I have mixed feelings about it, but it is a good excuse to look at jewelry. OH, heck, who needs an excuse! Tell me your thoughts!

XX, Elle                        @theeellediariesnyc




Slip dress: Romantic and Utilitarian

Slip dress: Romantic and Utilitarian

I am a life-long fan of the slip dress. I believe that simplicity is a great thing. To slip something over your head, and be dressed , is a godsend. The right slip dress is key: it should skim your body, but not be too revealing. It should be lined at the top if you want to go outside. You can add an extra slip if you choose, depending on the weight of the fabric.  It should have a slit for walking, unless it is an A-line. It should be silk. 

Utilitarian? Odd thing, but yes!  A good slip dress moves with you, and always feels like a whisper of softness against your skin.  These photos were shot after the blizzard, and my lights were flickering.  I was expecting neighbors for wine and cheese, so I paired this slip dress with a vintage Chanel jacket. I checked and replaced the bulbs. I did not want to have the lights go out during a social occasion.

The lights still flickered. I thought I was imagining it at first, but then others confirmed it. I asked my doorman if this happening to anyone else. NO, was his response. So while I waited for the electrician to come up,  I looked for candles.  Maybe a power outage was imminent. This was a bit of exercise. I took off my vintage Chanel jacket, and made use of one of my sterling candelabras.

I originally planned to wear this dress with a longer jacket, maybe menswear patterned, or even leather,  but the result was static cling! That is a no-no when wearing something that is form fitted to begin with. I added a beaded and floral necklace for a touch of whimsy, and a bit of coverage. The necklace was a great find at Encore on Madison.

My shoes were sequinned, ankle-straps and divinely comfortable.

My ring is a large cocktail ring from my very favorite place ( remember the jewels I wore in my Perfect Fit post, set in the holiday house ) This ring is from there, KC Signatures. My Chanel jacket is now vintage, I bought it years ago on eBay. It is shot through with a bit of metallic silver, that looks well with the chevron, sequinned shoes.

The lights stayed on, but continued to flicker, as my neighbors arrived , and hubby and I got to visit with them. How lovely it is,  to finally learn more about your neighbors than their apartment number!

Snowstorms and their aftermath can sometimes be a good thing.

I decided to keep a single , 3 light candelabra lit. I have a pair, but the single one was just right.
The glow of candlelight set a lovely mood and cast pretty shadows around the room, until finally, after our guests left, I blew them out like birthday candles.

So there you have it. A bit of style advice on wearing A SLIP DRESS,  , and some visual snippets from my Manhattan home. I must say it was quite nice to do a post indoors! Thank you to Gerardo Vitale for photos and help with my lights!

Today it was almost 60 degrees, and there is little evidence of the recent blizzard. Today, I could have worn that slip dress and jacket outside,  without fear of "puddle slush"  making a mess of the hem and sequinned shoes.

How was your weekend? It is your turn to share!

Splendid Times!      XX, Elle                                 @theellediairiesnyc




#TBT- Slipdress on the Beach

#TBT- Slipdress on the Beach

I am tired of the cold.  To remedy this, I am not going on vacation. ( well not this week!)  I will simply do a post where I am pictured at the bay beach almost 3 years ago. 

Warm air, cool water, a slip of a dress and rocks under my feet.

How I miss the ease of summer dressing. Slipping on a silk dress is as simple as getting undressed! And sliding into mules is also that simple.  I can ride my bike to this beach, and enjoy the day reading a good book!  Everything is so much easier in the summer, and this week, with the wind and snow, I am reminded starkly of the difference.

So I am throwing it back today. Happy to remember warm days , which I know will be here again if I am patient. Speaking of slip dresses, they are trending as you know. If I wanted to wear this today, I could. I would just add tights and boots, then layer on a sweater and a parka.  A scarf and gloves would be helpful too. Slip dresses are super practical and easy to wear.

You will see you me in another one soon. Are you fan of the trend? Or are you like me, and have always had these as a wardrobe staple.

Have a great night. We are sliding into Friday as I type this!

Splendid Times xx, Elle                    @theellediaries

Portrait of A Blizzard

Portrait of A Blizzard

Depending on your perspective, the blizzard of 2016 was a treacherous tragedy, a nuisance, a bounty of leisure, or a thing of beauty. I am opting for the latter.

I will start at the beginning, a city dressed in an ethereal layer of white.

Like any other place dowsed by snow, it was hard to dig out. By the time all of the snow collected and settled, it was no longer pristine. But the bight white was still there, a nice contrast to the empty grey skies that came before.

 The familiar landscape has morphed into some thing else.  Something thing a bit dreamer. Something we don't think of in the busy busy days of city life.

Still, this is a bustling, interdependent city that is overly crowded. The city fared well, but not flawlessly. There is a gas leak as we speak, near me, in fact. I smelled it when I left for errands today, and decided to take my errands uptown.

  I came home to emergency vehicles,  hazard warnings, sirens; all of the things one learns to swiftly tune out.  An explosion is probably unlikely, but still possible.  And this is the thing I say to my husband after he returns from an 11 hour day. Ah, this city.

This turbulent, tremulous lion of a city. Such a changeling. Its landscape is always re-weaving itself. And we, who live here, can only shake the ice from our boots and walk home.

How did you fare my friends? Did you miss the storm's path, or do you have your own story to tell? If you do, please share!


XX, Elle                    @theellediaries

Like, Liking, and Loving to Shop

Like, Liking, and Loving to Shop

Being liked is a universal need. But the whole notion of "liking" has been mutating, more and more, to connote a symbolic form or recognition that is somewhere between a check mark, an exclamation point, and a smiling emoji. Who has time for anything more in our fast pace world, increasingly driven by technology. ( well, I do, and so should you, but that is another post!)

Yet for many, this single Facebook form of liking has taken on more weight. If you are business, or an online entity of any description, being liked by the voting public out there, is valuable. It means page hits and all sorts of good stuff coming your way. Social Media is an important asset.

So when YOURSTYLEUNZIPPED.COM published my NYE post set in the "Gameroom" designed by,  I was happy. Because they are an online powerhouse, my little post got almost 2400 likes! I was pleased! Silly, I know. But I will fess up anyway.


So indulge me a bit, I am going to return a little blog love. I l adore this online magazine.

Your Style Unzipped ( describes themselves as first-ever search engine and style content aggregator dedicated exclusively to fashion. They merge the latest in search technology to help international fashionistas explore and discover the latest trends in apparel, shoes and accessories, through personalized filters. Their editorial team brings together the most up-to-date style news across the world's leading publications, websites and blogs, for a truly integrated shopping experience.

I have to say I agree with all of that. It is like a one stop shopping experience for serious fashionistas, and anyone who wants to stay truly up to date with the world of style. Do you love Harper's Bazaar, Net-A-Porter, and InStyle Magazines? Do you also use StyleBop for searches, and shop Saks, Barneys, Nordstoms, J.Crew, Henri Bendel,  and Ralph Lauren?  Do you read Huffington Post? Well...

It is ALL there, along with trends covered by bloggers like me. Street Side Retailers are covered, and featured , is such a prolific array of online retailers, that even I have learned of some new places to shop! Imagine!

Net-a-Porter and Avenue 32 are places I look to for inspiration, and occasionally to buy a great investment piece. Wolf and Badger is there, and I enjoy that new site very much.

New sources are introduced, too, as well as established and emerging designers. Two sites that i enjoy, and that are new to me, and probably to you as well are:

This upscale boutique is based in Milwaukee, WI. The term "Bona Drag" was used in London in the gay culture of the 1960's. The terms translates to "nice outfit". Their website chooses each item with care, according to "originality, quality, timelessness, wearability, and spirit." That sounds like the perfect antidote to fast fashion! From their site, a small sampling.

and Yes they have flash sales!


I also love this trendier site, featured at yourstyleunzipped. It is young and full of unique energy.


In today's world a very few select retailers dominate the market. I love to support both the notion of a more democratic way to shop, as well as the reality of it.  At, it is all here, new online ventures along with more established ones. The iconic masters of design AND the emerging designers.

Enjoy editorials, unparalleled shopping access, and an active blog. I suspect you may come to love this magazine. These is entirely my own opinion, and I am not compensated in any way for this post. But in life, and in blogging, I do like to reciprocate . I was pleased to be featured, and am happy to pay it forward. Sincerely!

Splendid Times!  XX, Elle           



The Overlap: Decor and Fashion Trends

The Overlap: Decor and Fashion Trends

This year has seen a veritable smorgasbord of trends, so many decades are trending that is is almost a free for all. Almost. This post will take you back to the eighties where Bold and Bright Colors were part of the opulent and effervescent decade perhaps best personified by the film, Wall Street, by Oliver Stone.

While this decade is very different than the eighties,  today we reach back to times marked by optimism, perhaps as a reflexive gesture of hope. I am wearing a velvet dress here in the current Pantone Colors of Marsala,  and Cadmium orange, and gloves the color of Pantone's Biscay Bay.  A furry vest in Cadmium, yes a statement piece, not for the feint of heart. ( nor is this week's stock market plunge)

Since fashion does not exist in a vacuum, I wanted to refer to some stunning rooms,  with similar colors and textures. In my outfit, I express my "exuberant and colorful" style, and you see references that home designers are going for the same eclectic vibe.

The room above from Elle Decor boasts a sitting room by Cynthia Frank. It has the irregular notes of organic in the lamps and wooden Objet d'art, offset by harmonious notes of geometric accord, in the Greek Key pillow and orderly tile pattern in the rug. The painting in the lower left, is of course, Rothko.

Yet, it is the abstract abandon in the painting, the controlled chaos on the coffee table, where the day's newspaper looks at home on the perfectly appointed glass surface. This is the vibe that underscores the mood of this room. The luscious chairs are wide and inviting, and warm in the sunset-hued plush velvet.

The key piece of my outfit is a velvet dress of Marsala and Cadmium hound-stooth , a graphic print of these colors: squaring off in warm, verses cool. Below, a photo of a dining room In Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, featuring art deco chairs, and art from Peyton Gallery. The room is by Marks and Frantz, a design company I fell in love with at the Holiday House Show House. You may remember, I did a photo shoot in their stunning Gameroom.  The same two colors are here too, complementing one another in a way that defies formula.

I love the warm Marsala with the notes of tangerine, gold, and pink.  The organic texture of the grapes and branches adds dimension. I admire this touch;  the nail heads on the white chairs, little beads,  like jewelry over a swath of neutral eggshell.

The details of my outfit, the cool, almost- teal gloves, the bold houndstooth and the Asian floral scarf, have overtones of this room.

More shots from the shoot:

I found the best round-up of bold colored ensembles at You will see these vibrant looks are also punched up with the texture of fur and faux fur, graphic prints, embroideries, and the shimmer of silk satin in sleek pleats,  Below,  photos courtesy of,  Elie Sabb,  and Vogue. The links can be found at


These opulent and deeply saturated hues are a defining trend for this winter season. You can find similar styles at any price point, and make this look your own.  You can decorate your house with these colors and textures. Fur, faux fur, and plush velvet for the home is so on-point, and so cozy.

Bleak winter skies got you down?  Try a dollop of cadmium,  add a graphic print,  and sink into something velvety or furry.  A nip of brandy wouldn't hurt either!

Splendid Times!   XX, Elle                        @theellediariesnyc



The Camel Coat for Winter: Shop It

The Camel Coat for Winter: Shop It

Hello Monday! I don't know about you, but I love to do some internet browsing on Mondays. It lifts my mood. If I come away with a great piece of clothing that I need, then double the treat! Even with an empty cart,  I always find something that inspires me.

As promised is a shopping post for the Camel Coat, via polyvore. Please check my polyvore page for links.

Guess what! It is snowing in NYC! ( I am writing this Sunday night!) Winter is here, indeed!
 Out my window is a stream of fat flakes against a teal sky!  Beautiful! 

Styling tips: "camel" come on many shades, from taupe to hues with more gold. Find the shade that is best for your coloring. If you still don't find it, then add a scarf in a color that looks good against your skin. I love blues and greens, and even eggshell is pretty. Rosy pink, ala Pantone's Rose Quartz, is pretty too, especially with a coat that reads more taupe. Remember the longer the coat is, the warmer it will be!

Have a wonderful week ahead, and stay toasty and dry! ( or cool, if you are in your summer season!) Have you found your perfect camel coat?

XX, Elle                   @theellediaries

Tie a Bow

Tie a Bow

Happy Thursday! I hope you are well and readying for the weekend! Today I am wearing a classic camel coat, with a bright blue shirt, and a satin sash,  tied in a bow.

I had almost forgotten how comfortable light wool trousers are. Mine are Armani and are many seasons past. I added a bit of zip to the outfit with the faux pony hair pumps, again seasons past. They are from Payless.

My blue shirt makes me happy and has help up well through the years. It is by Anne Fontaine and their shirts last forever, or it seems. I tied a bow, and added a bit of decoration to this shirt with a sash from a dress. I love to re purpose!  Why go out a buy a skinny scarf if you have one in your closet. I bet you do!

Hello... Are you my Uber driver?  :)

My bag needs some explanation. It is Jason Wu from the Spring 2013 collection. I recently found it at Encore on Madison Avenue. I decided to try a necklace over this bag for a few pics, and I like it, but the other photos without the necklace- it is lovely as is!!- were lost to bad light. I got so many compliments on it, I kept wearing it.

I guess I was thinking that the Christmas lights are still up, why not add some sparkle. It was such a grey day! I will not wear this together again, as it may scratch the bag, but this was fun for a photo shoot! I got spades of compliments from passersby.

Who says New Yorkers are not friendly!

Here is a snap of the bag in my windowsill! It came with a matching leather handle, and it is, um, somewhere....

You that follow know that I love distinctive bags. Round bags are my favorite shape. Which may explain my love for Krispy Kremes, which I can't see to find anymore.  What are your favorite shapes for a handbag? Favorite Color? I know these are not weighty questions, but I seemed to have put my gravitas on the shelf, perhaps right next to the blue leather strap handle!


Please go to my Polyvore page for shopping links! I am sorry I could not find anything more like the Jason Wu bag, I looked and looked! Maybe this is why it takes me so long to make a post! Many thanks to Gerardo Vitale for photos!

Thanks for reading! XX, Elle              @theellediariesnyc